By Konrad Martin

Cloud computing has become part of the general vernacular in recent years. Yet while many small and midsized CPA firms recognize the convenience offered by the technology, the enhanced level of security additionally offered is often under-appreciated. And for any business in general, but CPA firms in particular, ensuring that the best security is in place is crucial given the amount of personal and financial information handled on a daily basis.

In brief, cloud computing refers to any service that allows an organization the ability to store, access and edit data in a remote and virtual environment, as opposed to an office location. Cloud integration gives businesses the power to collaborate through use of the internet and intranet in or out of the office and permits office personnel the ability to share, edit and publish documents in a unified system while improving communication, increasing marketing abilities and in general enhancing day-to-day business processes.

The primary advantage of cloud storage is… read article.

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