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San Francisco, California
Bookkeeping Practice
Annual Gross: $145,000
"I most highly recommend ProHorizons to any tax, accounting, or bookkeeping practice owner in need of their services. Worth Every Penny!!"
Erin Beber
San Francisco, California
Tax Practice
Annual Gross: $220,000
Palm Springs, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $405,000
"I am pleased to endorse ProHorizons for those who desire to buy or sell an accounting practice."
Brian Wachs, CPA

San Francisco, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $185,000
Tustin, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $319,000
Mendocino, California
CPA Firm
Annual Gross: $1,059,000

Bellevue, Washington
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $526,000
"ProHorizons delivered exactly what I needed and it resulted in a good sale of my CPA firm when I wanted, and on my terms."
Jim Erickson, CPA
Woodland Hills, California
Tax Franchise
Annual Gross: $997,000
Clovis, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $108,000
“ProHorizons was honest with my about what I could expect in regard to price, terms and timeframe, which enabled me to make the best decision for my circumstances”
Jerry Harmon, CPA

North Orange County Coast, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $162,000
Northridge area, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $620,000
Newport Beach, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $205,000

Encino, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $685,000
Brea area, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $385,000
Fremont, California
CPA Practice
Annual Gross: $175,000
"I was very pleased with the caliber of buyers ProHorizons brought to the table, the multiple offers I received, and the pace at which everything moved forward."
Lois Vega, CPA

*Sale Price is dependent on a variety of factors and should not be interpreted as completely representative of the market.  Factors include fit between the buyer and seller, location, profitability (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings), amount of down payment, seller financing vs buyer or bank financing, term of any seller financing, and terms of the transaction among many other factors.