About Us

ProHorizons is a west coast brokerage and consulting company focusing on accounting practice sales, acquisitions, and business development services since 1995. We launched our business with goals that remain consistent today:

To guide accounting professionals toward achieving their business objectives while still in practice, and to shepherd them toward their next professional or personal chapter when it’s time to transition.

We come to our client relationships from a place of direct experience: we are fellow business owners who understand what it is like to invest your life in building a practice. Therefore, we take care to deliver comprehensive, time-tested, professional guidance that results in your success.

Our Commitment to You forms the basis of each client relationship and guides the way we deliver our Products & Services to you. First and foremost, we ask “Where are you on your horizon?” With this question at the core of our approach, we aim to understand your unique landscape: who you are as a practice, what you want to achieve, and when you want to get there.

Seasoned ProHorizons representatives then tailor relevant, practical solutions for our clients.  The results? A proven track record with thousands of accounting professionals of all shapes and sizes, and at any stage on their business horizon.

Experience for yourself ProHorizons industry-leading client service. Contact us for a complimentary, confidential Initial Consultation.

To find out more about us visit: the our team, how select a consulting broker, our confidentiality statement, our calendar of upcoming webinars and events and our blog.