We hope you, your family, your staff and your clients are healthy and all taking the necessary precautions to stay that way under the current circumstances.

Here at ProHorizons, it is business as usual for the most part, since a fair bit of our interaction has always been via the phone and email.  We do anticipate this sales and acquisition year to be very active and robust despite some of the current concerns about the economy and the markets.

Key Factors:

  • We are going to continue to work as we always have and market extensively, reach out to all the prospective buyers we can possibly engage, and represent our clients with what we consider to be the best service in the market.
  • The business you are in and service you provide are evergreen and has withstood several prior tests similar to the current one, most recently with 9/11 and then again with the collapse of the financial market beginning in 2008. We were here working for our clients through both of those challenging times and will be through this one as well.
  • The lenders we work with to fund acquisitions are very strong and optimistic (which was not the case in 2008-2011). I spoke in depth with our primary lender yesterday and he confirmed they are not only conducting business as usual in regard to acquisition, but are expanding their credit process to address the needs of small business owners through this current health crisis… Feel free to reach out if you would like their information for any of your small business clients.

So, please feel free to reach out and set up a time to talk.  We are happy to have a conversation and answer any questions you may have.

Please stay safe and healthy!

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