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If you’re looking to buy or sell an accounting practice in San Francisco, there are many complex steps to take and factors to consider if you want to come out of the negotiation with a worthwhile deal. You might be wondering, how can you do all this on your own? When it comes to acquisitions, mergers, or the sale of accounting practice, you’ll need expert guidance and strategic insight. With our specialized services, you’ll have a seamless transaction whether you’re buying or selling. We offer services in acquisition, merger advisory services, and the best CPAs in the San Francisco area.


Why else should you choose ProHorizons?

 ProHorizona is a brokerage company with consulting services. One of our primary focuses are accounting practice sales and acquisitions. As fellow business owners, we are fully committed to guiding you in your business goals while ensuring your confidentiality. We have been guiding practice transactions since 1995 and have successfully negotiated several large transactions for our sellers and buyers. 

Our Services for Selling Practices

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If you’ve decided to sell your accounting practice in San Francisco, it can be hard to juggle all the tasks that are involved with negotiating this transaction while you are running your practice full time. It could take years to finally sell your practice when you’re on your own. This is why you need experts from ProHorizon to take care of all the in-betweens when it comes to selling accounting practices. Take a look at the services we offer when you need to sell:


  • Discovery Interview. During our interview, we want to understand your practice and thoroughly discuss your goals in order to find the right buyer. We’ll go over your staff, clients, expectations, and financial statements with you before determining the best next steps in selling your accounting practice.


  • Marketing Evaluation.  We’ll assess the current market conditions, set terms, and determine the price and value of your practice based on our experience and your unique situation. We’ll also prepare you a comprehensive Business Sales Memorandum for your potential buyers.


  • Marketing and Selling.  Once we’re ready to market your accounting practice, we’ll be ready to find you the right buyers by promoting and networking through our various channels.


  • Screening Buyers. We have a comprehensive process to screen potential buyers. We will find you buyers that are serious about the acquisition of your accounting practice and we will determine how well they will fit with your practice.


  • Negotiation. After presenting you with qualified offers from prospective buyers, we can help you handle the negotiation process to settle terms and prices. 


  • Due Diligence We will assist both buyer and seller through the process of conducting a thorough due diligence. 


  • Bank Financing and Purchase Agreements. We will work with both parties to assist in financing by connecting you to our lenders to secure the needed loans.


  • Transition. Our transition plan will help ensure a smooth process when transitioning your accounting practice to the buyer. We will also assist in handling all communications for your staff and clients during this transitional process. 

Our Services for Buying Practices

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Buying an accounting practice can be a strenuous business that requires the guidance of experts in acquisitions. Through our acquisition services in San Francisco, we can guide you through the step by step process of acquiring an already existing accounting practice: 



  • Review Practices. Once you’re registered as a prospective buyer, we have an online list of practices available for you to review based on our comprehensive screening process. This process helps match buyers and sellers by looking at key concerns of the seller and the top criteria of the buyer.


  • Review Practice Information. After you have found and identified a potential accounting practice for acquisition, our team will have a profile or Business Sales Memorandum ready for you to review. 


  • In-Depth Interview. During our interview, we want to discuss with you any additional information to understand your goals, expectations, current business, any financing needs, and your qualifications. 


  • Prepare an Offer. If you want to make an offer after meeting the seller, we can help by offering our well structured sample Letter-of-Intent. This will make sure you are well prepared to present your offer without missing any important elements. 


  • Financing/Loan Package. Our services can help you find a suitable lender for your needs should there be any outside financing involved. We can also assist our buyers in preparing a loan package.


  • Negotiation. We will handle the negotiations for seller and buyer to ensure everyone’s needs are met without any potential tension during these important discussions. 


  • Purchase Agreement. If you need help drafting your purchase agreement, we can provide you with our detailed Purchase Agreement sample. 


  • Transition. We’re here to help you and the seller with a smooth and successful transition into your new accounting practice. We will assist you in communicating and coordinating with the practice’s client and staff during this important process.

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