CPA Firms for Sale: What Pro Horizons Can Do for You

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Purchasing an accounting firm can be a great business decision for growing your client base or expanding to a new area. In many cases, there is an opportunity to jump in to an existing business and make an immediate impact. However, actually purchasing a CPA firm is a different story that can seem overwhelming. Here is how to purchase CPA firms for sale and how Pro Horizons can help every step of the way.

Define Business Goals

Before you can find the right practice, you have to know why you’re buying a firm and what you hope it to become. Do you want to add another practice to your portfolio, or are you looking to manage the firm’s day-to-day client interactions? Are you expanding to a new area or specialty or building on what you already have? If you’re unclear of your goals, Pro Horizons can help you pinpoint what you hope to achieve by purchasing a CPA firm. Considering your goals for the future can help get you and the broker on the same page to find the best CPA firms for sale.

Review Practices

As your broker, Pro Horizons will identify practices that meet your criteria and invite you to visit the space and review the practice’s business information. Pro Horizons uses a screening process that looks at the seller’s key concerns and the buyer’s top criteria to identify the best possible matches. The buyer and broker will look through documents that detail the business’s history and financials to get a full view of the firm. This process can be overwhelming, but the broker is there every step of the way to explain any issues and point out potential red flags.

Interview Seller

The provided business information might not answer every question about the practice, so the broker can set up a meeting with the seller to answer more questions and make sure the buyer and seller are on the same page.

Create Offer

After careful consideration and research, the buyer can decide to put in an offer for the practice. Pro Horizons will draft the offer and advise on terms to include to make the offer competitive. Pro Horizons can also connect the buyer to lenders for financing options.

Negotiate Deal

If the seller comes back with a counteroffer, the broker will step in to respond and negotiate. Having a broker is especially important during the negotiation phase, because an experienced brokerage company can not only lessen tense situations but also find the best solution for both parties. Pro Horizons is on your side to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Purchasing a CPA firm for sale can be a lengthy process, but it is made easier with a reliable brokerage firm like Pro Horizons. From initial research to the closing paperwork, Pro Horizons can help every step of the way. Contact us to discover more today.

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