Where are you on your horizon?

Where are you on your horizon? This question not only opens our dialogue with you, it also informs you of the products and services we offer to support your goals.  

Our suite of business lifecycle solutions are designed to address each stage of your professional journey, no matter your firm size or business challenge.  Are you selling your accounting practice, buying an accounting practice, or looking to develop a new skill set to grow your accounting practice? In each case, we offer relevant, practical solutions. Explore our Publications, Webinars, Workshops, Consulting Services, and Consulting Packages to see the spectrum of our support, from cradle to sale.

A Collaborative Journey

Equally important is how we deliver—and how you experience—our products and services. Our commitment to you sets the tone for professional, ethical, collaborative client relationships that look like this:  

Our role is to objectively manage, advise, and guide—as skilled planners and negotiators in sales transactions; as consultants in long-term practice development consultations; and as subject matter experts in CPE course and workshops.

Our clients are active participants, reaping greater benefits by engaging in discovery sessions and real-time course participation.

We are a team in creating your success, with ProHorizons navigating the way.

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